Chairman’s Message

“Welcome to the Sulochana Thapar Foundation and thank you for your interest. The importance of recognizing and working toward solutions to build a better future is a sincere and on-going effort of the Sulochana Thapar Foundation.

Our endeavour is to pioneer innovative projects that deliver workable and scalable solutions for some of the more critical challenges that societies face today.

We are a young organisation and realise that transformational change takes years to effect. Helping us in our intent are several partners who are keen to seed these innovations with us and bring about a systemic change. We have begun our journey with small but definitive steps towards ensuring a more empowered and equitable society.

The Foundation currently focuses on the twin areas of Health and Democratic Governance in India. The Foundation’s work needs a long-term commitment and I look forward to sharing its continuing progress with you.

Thank you for your abiding support.”

Gautam Thapar 
Chairman, Sulochana Thapar Foundation